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To be able to use Web Services with Web Services Reliable Messaging, you must have the Web service runtime configured.

The configuration of the Web service runtime is client-specific and must be performed in each productive client and in client 000.


You need the appropriate user administrator authorizations. For further information, refer to the section entitled Setting Up User and Authorization Administrators.


Proceed as follows:

  1. In the ABAP program execution screen (transaction SA38), call the report SRT_ADMIN in each productive client and in client 000. Choose Execute Technical Setup and execute the report (F8).

    Using the report SRT_ADMIN, you create a service destination for communication through RFC and you perform the settings for the bgRFC (Background Remote Function Call) .

    SOAP requests are processed using the Internet Communication Framework (ICF). The SAP NetWeaver Application Server uses the HTTP protocol of the ICF for communication between the Web service consumer and the Web service provider. The ICF provides the infrastructure for handling HTTP requests in work processes in an SAP system. An HTTP request calls a service in the ICF server. This service contains one or more HTTP request handlers that are responsible for running the ABAP functions.

    Using report SRT_ADMIN, all the ICF services required for standard functions of the Web service runtime are created.

    The log and trace levels can be selected using the report SRT_ADMIN or directly in the SOA Manager under Logs and Traces.

    Pay close attention to the guidelines in Note 1110741.

    If there are any problems, you can also perform the configuration in single steps.

    Afterwards you should check the configuration.

    Note Note

    The configuration can be reset using the function module SRT_TECHNICAL_SETUP_RESET. Pay close attention to the guidelines in Note 163844.

    End of the note.
  2. Start the background request SAP_SOAP_RUNTIME_MANAGEMENT for component BC. Call transaction SM36, and choose Standard Jobs – Standard Scheduling. You must schedule the job hourly.