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Using the report SRT_ADMIN_CHECK, you can check whether the Web service runtime is configured correctly.


To execute the report, you require administrator authorization. For more information, refer to the section Authorizations.


Call the ABAP Editor (transaction SE38) and start the report SRT_ADMIN_CHECK in order to check the configuration settings for the WS runtime.

The check is performed in three areas:



System-Related Settings

  • Service Destination

  • bgRFC Settings (inbound destination, supervisor destination)

  • WSRM Event Handler

  • Job Runtime Management

  • Task Watcher

  • Data Collector for Payload Trace

  • ICF node for SOAP runtime

Client-Specific Settings

Service Destinations for All Clients

Client-Specific Functions

Test Execution for Service Destination with Authorization Check

When performing the SRT_ADMIN_CHECK reports, the following errors can occur:

  • The connection test for destination <dest> is not successful.

  • The service destination <…> does not exist (SM59).

  • The type for the service destination <…> is not 3.

  • The authorization for service users of destination <dest> is missing.

  • The authorization check for service users is not possible.

  • The WSRM Event Handler is not active.

  • The Task Watcher is not active.

  • The job SAP_SOAP_RUNTIME_MANAGEMENT for SOAP Runtime Monitoring is not active.

    Note Note

    Error messages for clients that are not used productively can be ignored.

    End of the note.

In the section Troubleshooting in the Web Service Runtime you learn how to deal with SRT_ADMIN_CHECK report error messages.