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How can I quickly find system information?

If you want to see details about your SAP NetWeaver, go to System. The link displays the System Info application which provides you with the relevant details.

How can I quickly access the application/tool I need?

If you are not sure which work set the application you need is in, use the following ways:

  • Go to the Search field.

    You can enter only part of the application/tool name with no need to use accessory symbols.

  • Go to Site Map and directly find the application/tool.

    When you choose its link, the application/tool is displayed.

  • Set your application/tool as a favorite. To do that, open the application and choose   Personalize   Add to Favorites  .

    Now you can find the application in My Workspace.

  • Use the History option.

How can I quickly access documentation for a particular tool?

Each application/tool in SAP NetWeaver Administrator has its own integrated help. To find particular documentation, open the relevant tool and choose the Help field.

The help link directs you to the online SAP Help Portal (default location).

How can I change the default help location?

If you want your links to direct not to the default SAP Help Portal URL, but to another online/offline SAP documentation repository, proceed as follows:

  1. Open the Java System Properties tool.

  2. Choose the Applications tab and in the Name filter field, enter “mainframe“.

  3. Select the application tc~lm~itsam~ui~mainframe~wd.

  4. In the Properties pane, choose the HELP_PATH property and then choose Modify.

  5. Enter the required help directory/URL:

    • template for a local help directory:


    • template for an SAP help URL:<alias>/helpdata/en/

  6. Choose Set.

  7. Choose Save and then refresh the page.

How can I use a specific role profile?

If you do not need to use all the SAP NetWeaver Administrator tools, you can choose a specific tool set corresponding to your role. To do that, from Active Profile choose the relevant role profile.

How can I jump to related tools/tasks?

If you perform tasks in an application/tool and then you want to perform related tasks in another tool, use the Related Links option. The other tool is opened in a new browser window/tab but using the same SAP NetWeaver Administrator session.

Example Example

For example, you configure log controllers in the Log Configuration tool and then you need to view the logs and traces. Thus, choose   Related Links   Log Viewer  .

End of the example.
How can I make the configuration changes persistent?

You are not expected to perform any activities for making your changes persistent. When you configure a GUI item in SAP NetWeaver Administrator, the relevant configuration change becomes automatically persistent. For example, if you modify a table column (in px) or change the number of the table rows.

Note Note

This feature is valid for the current view only.

End of the note.