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A configuration scenario consists of multiple service definitions. A configuration profile can be assigned to one or more service definitions in a configuration scenario.

You can create multiple configuration scenarios for your system infrastructure.

The same service definition can be active within multiple configuration scenarios. If a service definition is not active in any configuration scenario, the corresponding endpoint is deleted.

When to use a Configuration Scenario

You should use a configuration scenario in the following situations:

  • At least one system is connected to more than one system, and service groups are used for receiver determination in the system's outbound interfaces

  • Many interfaces need to be configured in each system

  • At least one system configuration needs to be transferred from a development or test system to a production landscape


To create a configuration scenario, perform the following steps:

  1. Go to the Service Administration tab.

  2. Choose Business Scenario Configuration.

    An overview of configuration scenarios is displayed.

  3. Choose New.

  4. Specify a name and a description for the configuration scenario.

  5. Choose Next.

  6. Choose Add to assign service definitions to the provider configuration.

    You can specify a service definition or search for one.

  7. Select one or more service definitions and choose Add to Worklist.

    The service definitions that you selected are displayed in the overview.

  8. To assign a profile to a service definition, select the service definition from the overview and choose Assign Profile.

    A dialog box appears.

  9. Select one or more profiles and choose Assign to Service.

    The assigned profiles are displayed in the Profile column.

  10. Choose Next.

  11. To assign a service group to the configuration profile, choose Add.

    A dialog box appears.

    You can search for service groups to assign to the consumer configuration.

  12. Select a service group, and choose Add to Worklist.

    The service groups that you selected are displayed in the overview.

  13. To assign a business application, choose Assign Business Application.

  14. Select one or more business systems and choose Assign to Service Group.

    The business systems that you selected are displayed in the overview.

  15. Save and activate the configuration scenario.

    By default, the configuration scenario is inactive.