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Background documentation By Critical Combinations of Authorizations at Transaction Start (RSUSR008)  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


Report RSUSR008 is obsolete and has been replaced by report RSUSR008_009_NEW. You can start this report in the User Information System by choosing Users With Critical Authorizations (New Version).

This evaluation allows you to monitor task separation. It lists all users that simultaneously have authorizations for up to five transactions whose combination was rated as critical. The authorization object S_TCODE is checked.

You can use the Display Critical Combinations button to activate or deactivate the SAP proposals for each line in the Deletion Indicator column, by choosing inactive or SAP Proposals.

You can also permanently restrict the evaluation by critical combinations. To do this, choose the change button Crit.Comb. to call the table of combinations and delete or change table rows as required. However, you can only import SAP proposals again during the next upgrade.


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