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The user management user interface of the user management engine (UME) provides you with the functions you need to manage users, groups, and roles for SAP NetWeaver Application Server (AS) Java. This user interface is also known as the user administration console.

Starting Identity Management

Identity management is a Web Dynpro application for managing users on the AS Java. It is integrated in the SAP NetWeaver Administrator and in the System Administration role of the SAP NetWeaver Portal. You can also start this tool as a stand-alone console. Use the method most appropriate to your environment.

  • SAP NetWeaver Administrator

    Enter the following in your Web browser:


  • Portal

    1. Enter the following in your Web browser:


    2. Choose   User Administration   Identity Management  .

  • Stand-alone console

    Enter the following in your Web browser:


    Recommendation Recommendation

    When possible, configure the AS Java to use Secure Socket Layer (SSL).

    For more information, see Configuring the Use of SSL on the J2EE Engine.

    End of the recommendation.


Identity management requires that you have at least read access to the principals users, groups, or roles.

For more information, see Managing Users, Groups, and Roles.



For a general list of functions, see Administration of Users and Roles.

Calendar Support

The identity management application only supports the following calendars:

  • Gregorian calendar

  • Japanese era names (in styles SHORT and MEDIUM)


The user interface provides a number of configuration options.

More information: Additional Configuration Options.