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The simple search function of identity management enables you to quickly search for users, groups, or roles. It only provides a single field for searching. Configuring simple search enables you to define what attributes are searched.

More information: Identity Management.


This procedure requires you to restart SAP NetWeaver Application Server (AS) Java. Plan for the required down time while the AS Java restarts.



       1.      Configure the required user management engine (UME) properties.

More information: Editing UME Properties.

Edit the following properties as needed:


Simple search of the account name is not supported in the current user interface. Default value is j_user.


Default value is uniquename.

Default value is uniquename.


Default value is uniquename.


Default value is uniquename, firstname, lastname.

Separate attributes with a comma (,).

       2.      Restart the AS Java.

More Information:

Managing Users, Groups, and Roles


Yoko Ishida wants to search by e-mail address in addition to the default attributes. Yoko makes the following change:

ume.principal.simple_search.attributes.user=uniquename, firstname, lastname, email

After restarting the AS Java, Yoko can enter an e-mail address in the simple search and the UME returns a list of users that match.

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