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Procedure documentation Managing JDBC Drivers  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


To create DataSources, you must first deploy a JDBC driver to be used. You can deploy both JDBC 1.x and JDBC 2.0-compliant drivers. You can also remove (undeploy) driver entries.


When you first log on to the system there is already a defined driver. This is the system driver. You cannot remove this driver.


You are in the Configuration Management Infrastructure Application Resources function.


Deploying a New JDBC Driver


       1.      Choose Create New Resource  Deploy New JDBC Driver.

       2.      Enter an arbitrary name for the driver.

       3.      Choose Add New Driver File.

       4.      Browse to the driver files on the system.

       5.      Choose OK.

       6.      Choose Save.

Removing a JDBC Driver


       1.      Choose All JDBC Drivers from the Show dropdown list box.

       2.      Select the driver you want to remove.

       3.      Choose Delete Selected Resource.

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