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Using SAP MMC for the Soft Shutdown of an Application Server InstanceLocate this document in the navigation structure


To ensure that no requests or data are lost when closing an SAP instance, use the soft shutdown function. You can close an instance with a soft shutdown in transaction SM51, with SAP MMC, and also with the command line.


  1. Open SAP MMC and navigate to the instance that you want to close with soft shutdown.
  2. Choose Stop in the context menu of the instance.

    A dialog box opens.

  3. Choose "Soft with timeout (SIGQUIT/SIGINT)".
    Option Description
    Leave the timeout values of the soft shutdown as they are. The default value shows the time at which the soft shutdown ends and passes to a hard shutdown.
    Modify the timeout values of the soft shutdown. You can change the default value.
  4. Start the soft shutdown by choosing OK.


The selected instance is closed with a soft shutdown. On the list of AS instances in SM51, the state of the instance is "Shutdown". The duration of the soft shutdown consists of the configured timeout and non-configured watit times of the server.