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Get information about how to change the position of fields on SAP Fiori UIs.

To define the order of fields in the UI, you can use the position property of dataField-like annotations. Only the positioning order is relevant, so you can use any decimal number as value for the positioning property.
Sample Code
define view ZExample_SalesOrder as select from sepm_cds_sales_order as so {
  @UI.identification: [ { position: 1 } ]
  key so.sales_order_id as SalesOrder,
  @UI.identification: [ { position: -5 } ]
  so.customer.company_name as CompanyName,
  @UI.identification: [ { position: 9999 } ]
  so.currency_code as CurrencyCode, 
  @UI.identification: [ { position: '1.1' } ]
  so.gross_amount as GrossAmount