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The resulting source code that includes the metadata for the CDS view looks like this:

	@AbapCatalog.sqlViewName: 'ZDEMO_SOI_ADV'
	@AbapCatalog.compiler.compareFilter: true
	@AccessControl.authorizationCheck: #CHECK
	@EndUserText.label: 'Advanced Reporting for Sales Order Items'

	@Search.searchable : true

	@OData.publish: true

	@UI.headerInfo:{ typeName: 'Sales Order Item', typeNamePlural: 'Sales Order Items' }

	define view ZDEMO_CDS_SalesOrderItem_A 
    			as select from SEPM_I_SalesOrderItem_E as Item 

        @UI.lineItem: { label: 'Sales Order', position: 10, importance: #HIGH }
        @UI.selectionField.position: 10
        @UI.identification: { label: 'Sales Order', position: 10, importance: #HIGH }
    key Item.SalesOrder                         as SalesOrderID, 
        @UI.hidden: true
    key Item.SalesOrderItem                     as ItemPosition, 
        @UI.lineItem.position: 20
        @UI.selectionField.position: 20
        @Search: { defaultSearchElement: true, fuzzinessThreshold: 0.7 }
        @UI.identification: { label: 'Company Name', position: 20, importance: #HIGH }
        Item._SalesOrder._Customer.CompanyName  as CompanyName,
        @UI.lineItem.position: 30
        @Search.defaultSearchElement: true
        @UI.identification.position: 30
        Item.Product                            as Product, 
        @Semantics.currencyCode: true
        Item.TransactionCurrency                as CurrencyCode,
        @UI.lineItem: { position: 40, importance: #HIGH } 
        @Semantics.amount.currencyCode: 'CurrencyCode'
        @UI.identification: { position: 40, importance: #HIGH } 
        @DefaultAggregation: #SUM
        Item.GrossAmountInTransacCurrency       as GrossAmount, 
        @UI.lineItem.position: 50      
        @Semantics.amount.currencyCode: 'CurrencyCode'
        @UI.identification.position: 50       
        @DefaultAggregation: #SUM
        Item.NetAmountInTransactionCurrency     as NetAmount, 

        @UI.lineItem.position: 60      
        @Semantics.amount.currencyCode: 'CurrencyCode'
        @UI.identification.position: 60          
        @DefaultAggregation: #SUM
        Item.TaxAmountInTransactionCurrency     as TaxAmount,
        Item.ProductAvailabilityStatus          as ProductAvailabilityStatus,
        @Semantics.currencyCode: true
        cast( 'EUR' as abap.cuky ) as TargetCurrency,

        @UI.lineItem:{ label: 'Gross Amount in EUR', position: 45 }
        @DefaultAggregation: #SUM
        @Semantics.amount.currencyCode: 'TargetCurrency'
            amount             => Item.GrossAmountInTransacCurrency,
            source_currency    => Item.TransactionCurrency,
            target_currency    => cast( 'EUR' as abap.cuky ),
            exchange_rate_date => cast( '20160101' as abap.dats ),
            error_handling     => 'SET_TO_NULL' )          as ConvertedGrossAmount 

To make the CDS view ready for consumption, you have to activate the resulting OData service in the SAP Gateway hub.

The activated service is part of the Service Catalog in the SAP Gateway.
Figure 1: The activated service is part of the Service Catalog in the SAP Gateway.

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If you finally run the new app in the SAP Fiori Launchpad, the list reporting app provides you with various search filters, followed by the result list:

Resulting UI screen of the list reporting app
Figure 2: Resulting overview page of the list reporting app
Details page
Figure 3: Navigating to Details page

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