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Get an overview of how to use UI annotations for lists and tables for SAP Fiori UIs.

In Fiori we distinguish tables and list. Both mostly hold homogeneous data, but lists hold in general rather simple data whereas tables hold usually more complex ones.

Lists are mostly used in the master list section of the master-detail floorplan and in popovers or dialogs. Sure there is also the possibility to have them in full-screen floorplans for certain use cases.

A table contains a set of line items and usually comprises rows (one row showing one line item) and columns. Line items can contain data of any kind, but also interactive controls, for example, for editing the data, navigating, or triggering actions relating to the line item.

To display large amounts of data in tabular form, several table controls are provided. These are divided into two groups, each of which is defined by a consistent feature set:
  • Fully responsive tables
  • Desktop-centric tables
In order to expose a CDS view in a table-like or list-like format, you can use the annotations explained in the following sections:.