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In case of problems or errors in the custom application, several options exist that support you in resolving the issues.

Disabling Extensions/Customizing

If a customized application does not run properly, you can disable the customizing. In a support case, for example, you can set a breakpoint early in the sap-ui-core.js and then execute the following code in the browser developer tool console:

  window["sap-ui-config"] = window["sap-ui-config"] ||{};
  window["sap-ui-config"]["xx-disableCustomizing"] = true;
Note For security reasons, it is not possible to use a URL parameter.
Using the Log

The console log contains information about the processing of customizing or extensibility information. Depending on the importance of the respective information, different log levels are used. To enable a certain log level, execute the following code in the browser console:

As an alternative, you can set the log level to INFO in the support popup if you want to see all messages of level "INFO" or more important.

The following information is provided per log level:

  • WARNING/ERROR: Any critical or error situation; such messages must be checked because something may have gone wrong

  • INFO: Information about successful customizing activities, such as applying a view extension or modifying a control property

  • DEBUG: Information about "non-activities", for example, if no extension configured for an extension point was found; this provides comprehensive information for each situation where an extension might be configured. Exception: Non-existing control property modifications are not logged at this log level (see below how you can enable this). In addition, a complete dump of the extensibility configuration is logged when it is activated.

Certain information is only logged when an additional URL parameter is used, because otherwise there would be too much information in the log for other debugging scenarios: To enable this extra logging, add sap-ui-xx-debugCustomizing to the query part of the URL. This extra logging enables an explicit log statement for each control, for which no control modification has been found.

Reading the Current Customizing Data

To dump the complete extensibility data, use the following command in the browser console:


As a result, an object is returned in the console which contains the customizing configuration, structured by type of customization and view name.

Note If Customizing is not enabled, this command causes an error because sap.ui.core.CustomizingConfiguration is not defined.