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Get information about how to expose elements to SAP Fiori UIs.

You can use dataField-like annotations to reference elements from a different CDS view using to-one-associations. You therefore need to explicitly define the elements with a value property. These elements are then exposed to the UI.
Sample Code
define view ZExample_SalesOrder as select from sepm_cds_sales_order as so 
  association [0..1] to sepm_cds_business_partner as _BusinessPartner 
    on $projection.buyer_guid = _BusinessPartner.business_partner_key
  key so.sales_order_id as SalesOrder,
  @UI.Identification: [ 
    { value: '_BusinessPartner.company_name', position: 110 }, 
    { value: '_BusinessPartner.bp_role', position: 120 }