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Using Native HTML in XML ViewsLocate this document in the navigation structure

The use of native HTML in XML views depends on the XHTML feature set.


When mixing XHTML and SAPUI5 controls, observe the following rules:

  • XHTML elements can be used instead of the SAPUI5 type control, for example, in the root of an XML view or in the content aggregation of a layout container.

  • When embedding XHTML in an aggregation of a SAPUI5 control, the XHTML must not consist of a single text node. The topmost node of an embedded XHTML tree must be an XHTML element. Embedding pure text into an aggregation is not supported.

  • The XHTML nodes are converted 1:1 to HTML, the XMLView does not deal with any differences between XHTML and HTML (for example rewriting and auto-closing tags)

  • The created HTML DOM nodes are preserved during re-rendering of an XML view: Modifications to the DOM are not lost.

Note As an alternative to embedding XHTML, you can use the sap.ui.core.HTML control. As this requires content encoding it is, however, less convenient.


To mix SAPUI5 controls with native XHTML, you only need the XHTML namespace to use (X)HTML:
<mvc:View controllerName="sap.hcm.Address" xmlns="sap.ui.commons" xmlns:mvc="sap.ui.core.mvc"
      <Button text="Press Me. I am a SAPUI5 Button"/>
      <html:button>No, press me. I am native HTML Button.</html:button>