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Adding the OData Select Parameter Locate this document in the navigation structure

OData supports the select parameter, where you can specify lists of properties that are needed by the application, so that unnecessary properties are not returned by the OData request.

The select parameter is not added automatically to the OData request in list and table cards as this can affect navigation behavior. However, in some cases where Smart Business OData services are used, the select parameter might be required to show aggregated values to the user. In these cases, the addODataSelect property must be set in the application manifest file for the relevant card.

Sample Code

The card configuration in the application manifest file looks like this:

"sap.ovp": {
    "globalFilterModel": "salesOrder",
    "globalFilterEntityType": "GlobalFilters",
    "cards": {
      "card00": {
        "model": "salesOrder",
        "template": "",
        "settings": {     
          "entitySet": "SalesOrderSet",
          "category": "Sales Orders with filters",
          "listType": "extended",
          "addODataSelect": true