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Product Standards and Acceptance CriteriaLocate this document in the navigation structure

To be of high quality and usable in mission-critical business software, SAPUI5 needs to fulfill specific product standards and acceptance criteria. While these are not directly related to code conventions, the most important standards and criteria are mentioned here, because new code needs to fulfill these requirements.

General product standards and acceptance criteria:

  • Browser support, see Browser and Platform Support

  • Security issues, such as output encoding to prevent XSS attacks

  • Performance needs to be in focus

  • Automated tests, such as QUnit

  • Proper API documentation

  • Translation: All texts that are visible on the UI must be enabled for translation.

    Do not provide the translations, but only provide a raw english version in the file.

  • Adhere to the compatibility rules, see Compatibility Rules.

  • Make sure that any Open Source libraries (or parts of them) that you use are officially approved before you add them to SAPUI5. Do not add any code you "found" somewhere.

Additional product standard and acceptance criteria for controls:

  • Screenreader support (ARIA)

  • Keyboard navigation support

  • Required themes; what themes are required depends on the library, but always includes the High Contrast theme for accessibility

  • Right-to-left support

  • Example page in Demokit/Explored App