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List and Table provide the following two swipe methods:

  • swipeOut( [callback] ): After swipeContent is shown, the user can interact with the control, for example tap it. After this interaction, for example on tap event, you can use this method to hide swipeContent from the screen. By default, swipe for action works in auto-hide mode. This means that if a user tries to tap inside the list but outside the swipeContent, then the swipeContent hides automatically. After you call this method, swipeContent hides with animation and if you need to run code after the animation you can simply add a callback function to this method as a first parameter.
  • getSwipedItem(): This method returns the currently swiped list item. When no item is swiped, null is returned. The swipeContent events, for example tap, are a good place to use this method to get information for which list item swipeContent is shown.

The following example shows a delete scenario:

tap : function(e) {
   var oList = this.getView().byId("myList"); // get the list using its Id
   var oSwipedItem = oList.getSwipedItem(); // Get which list item is swiped to delete
   oList.removeAggregation("items", oSwipedItem); // Remove this aggregation to delete list item from list
   oList.swipeOut(); // we are done, hide the swipeContent from screen