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Displays a ring chart representing a percentage value.


The RadialMicroChart control provides the functions to show a ring chart with the percentage value in the center. To indicate the significance of the displayed percentage value you can define the status as Good, Neutral, Critical, or Error.

  • The percentage value represented by the RadialMicroChart control can be defined in the following ways:

    • Insert the percentage property directly.

    • Set the total and the fraction property and the percentage value is calculated automatically.

      Note If the total property is set to 0, only a blank circle gets rendered as this does not return a valid value. The error is described in the error log.
  • The color of the circle is defined by setting the valueColor property to one of the following types:

    • sap.m.ValueColor: Enumeration of possible value color settings representing the status Good, Neutral, Critical, and Error.

    • sap.ui.core.CSSColor: All CSS color values are allowed.

  • The RadialMicroChart control does not have a defined width or height but uses the available space provided by the parent control. If the height and width of the control are between 46px and 54px, a different text color is used for the percentage value for accessibility reasons. If the height and width are below 46px, the percentage value is not displayed inside the circle.

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