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The following SAP Fiori elements are available:

List Report and Object Page

SAP Fiori elements contain predefined templates for list reports and object pages. A list report allows users to view and work with items (objects) organized in list (table) format. The list report is typically used in conjunction with an object page. This object page allows users to work with objects, providing functionality to view, edit, and create objects.

Using the wizard for the list report and object page in SAP Web IDE, you can generate an SAP Fiori app that consists of a combination of the list report and object page floorplans.

Figure 1: Example: List Report and Object Page
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Overview Pages

An overview page is a data-driven SAP Fiori app based on SAPUI5 technology for organizing large amounts of information. Information is visualized in a card format, different cards for different types of content, in an attractive and efficient way. The user-friendly experience makes viewing, filtering, and acting upon data quick and simple. While simultaneously presenting the big picture at a glance, business users can focus on the most important tasks enabling faster decision making as well as immediate action.

You can create overview pages and add cards to the page using the overview page wizard in SAP Web IDE.

Figure 2: Example: Overview Pages

For more information, see Overview Pages.