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Starting from the elementary list reporting scenario that was introduced in the Getting Started section, you may want to add some further list reporting functions. For example, if your table or list contains many rows, it becomes difficult for end users to find the information they need. To facilitate finding the desired information, you can provide selection fields (filters) to specify the range of information that the end user is looking for. In addition, you may want to specify the positioning of columns or prioritize, or even hide, specific fields in your table or list, or even enrich the presentation of data with appragation capabilities.

This is implemented using specific CDS annotations, which you – as a Fiori app developer – add to the source code of the respective CDS view. A CDS annotation (in short: annotation) adds metadata to the view that expands the syntax options of SQL.

In this development scenario, you will use different types of CDS annotations:

  • Core annotations - can be specified in the source code of any ABAP CDS object and are evaluated by ABAP runtime environment.
  • UI annotations - allow you to focus OData UI vocabulary on usage patterns of data in UIs representing certain semantic views of business data. The UI annotations used are evaluated by the SADL framework, which means that SADL translates CDS annotations into the corresponding OData annotations.
  • Search annotations - allow you to define search fields as filters or . The annotations used are also evaluated by the SADL framework.
  • Analytics annotations - provide data elements with aggregation behaviour in analytical scenarios.
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Architecture Overview
Architecture components in a list reporting scenario
Figure 1: Architecture components in a list reporting scenario that expands the data definition with metadata