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Creating a Simple ControlLocate this document in the navigation structure

Example of a simple control with a name property

The control is used to render the text "Hello <name>":

sap.ui.core.Control.extend("my.Hello", {      // call the new Control type "my.Hello" 
                                              // and let it inherit from sap.ui.core.Control
    metadata : {                              // the Control API
        properties : {
            "name" : "string"                 // setter and getter are created behind the scenes, 
                                              // including data binding and type validation

    renderer : function(oRm, oControl) {      // the part creating the HTML
        oRm.write("<span>Hello ");
        oRm.writeEscaped(oControl.getName()); // write the Control property 'name', with XSS protection
Note In this example, writeControlData(oControl) and writeClasses() are not called inside the root HTML element of the control to keep the example simple. In productive controls this needs to be done.

The new control is ready for use now. To instantiate and display the control, use the following code:

new my.Hello({name:"UI5"}).placeAt("content");