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Changing API States of Development ObjectsLocate this document in the navigation structure

You can check whether a development object is intended for public usage or for internal SAP usage. You can also change its API state.


As of SAP NetWeaver AS for ABAP 7.51 innovation package SP00, you can change the API state to public API state for the following development objects:

  • Function modules
  • ABAP Dictionary objects
  • ABAP classes and interfaces
  • Type pools
  • XSLT transformations
  • BAdI definitions
  • CDS views

As soon as these objects are released, they become available to customers for usage.

You can change the API state as follows:


In addition, you can also perform this function from the API State tab of the Properties view.


  1. In the Project Explorer, select the development object.
  2. From the context menu, choose Change API State....
    The Change API State wizard is opened.
  3. To make a development object available to all ABAP developers of your company for usage, choose Released in the Visibility area.

    [Optional:] To exclude the latter usage for key users, choose Forbidden for Key Users.


    If you remove a released object from the public API, its usage is no longer permitted. This might result in problems for those customers who are already using this object. Check the Where-Used list before revoking a released API.

  4. Choose Next.
  5. Assign a transport request.
  6. Confirm your selection with Finish.


Depending on the selected option, the development object can now either be used by customers or no longer used.