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Several new or changed features are available for Analysis Path Framework (APF).

Data Reduction (New)

You can reduce the number of data records that are sent to the frontend for an analysis step. Using the top n approach, you can enter a number between 1 and 10,000 to ensure that only the most relevant data is displayed.

For more information, see Creating Steps.

Hidden Filters (New)

You can now define that a filter you configure is hidden at runtime. This is useful when a request requires a mandatory filter or parameter that is not coming in from outside APF, for example, with the Smart Business context, and if it is not necessary that users see the filter and are able to change it.

For more information, see Individually Configured Filters.

Filter Dependencies (New)

Selections in a filter are now exposed as filter criteria to the value help request or filter resolution request of any subsequent filter, that is, selections you make in a filter are also applied to all subsequent filters at runtime.

For more information, see Filter Dependencies.

Predefined Representation Types (Changed)

A heatmap chart and line chart with two vertical axes have been added to the predefined representation types shipped with APF.

For more information, see Predefined Representation Types.