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SAPUI5 application developers need to be aware of how applications behave when right-to-left (RTL) directionality is selected. Changing the directionality has a big impact on text-displaying controls, images and the alignment of the whole application.

The default text direction is left-to-right (LTR). This can be changed to right-to-left mode (RTL) by using one of the following configuration switches:

  • URL parameter sap-ui-rtl=true

  • Configuration object: window["sap-ui-config"].rtl = true;

  • Script tag configuration: data-sap-ui-rtl="true"

  • Setting an RTL language as default language for the application.

SAPUI5 then sets the overall page direction to RTL. All SAPUI5 content is then displayed in RTL mode. Self-written controls and content has to be tested separately. If you require manual styles, provide a style specifically for the RTL case by using html[dir=rtl].