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For implementing the OData service, a mapping editor is provided that can be opened using transaction SEGW.

The example below shows the mapping of the different business entity elements of the business entities I_AIS_SalesOrderItem, SEPM_I_SalesOrderItem and SEPM_I_SalesOrderItemCubeResults to the corresponding properties of the OData entity type:


Example of a Data Source Reference exposed via SADL (Exposure for CDS)

Figure 1: Example of a Data Source Reference exposed through SADL (Exposure for CDS)

In the SAP Gateway Service Builder (see Figure 1 above), the mapping editor provides the following sections for generating OData services:

  1. Project tree
  2. Data Model tree
  3. Structure of the Data Source Reference service
  4. Exposure through SADL tree with the following levels:
    • Entity types
    • Complex types
    • Associations
    • Entity sets
    • Association sets
    • Function imports
  5. Runtime Artifacts
  6. Service Maintenance
  7. CDS View
  8. Icons for displaying information if analytical CDS annotations or parameters are provided for the selected CDS view
    1. Exposure for CDS:
      1. First Level: Hierarchy of CDS views that can contain parameters
      2. Second level: Associations for displaying dependencies
      3. Third level: Entity Sets and Association Sets for grouping entities and associations that belong together.
    2. Selected: Considered for exposure
    3. Value Help: Defines if a value help is available
    4. Analytical: Defines if the entity can be used in analytical evaluations
    5. Parameter: Values that are used for transferring data
    6. Status: Marked red in case of errors (for example, entity has been deleted)
    7. Description: ABAP doc that is provided for the CDS view