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Browser support for sap.ui.vbm library on iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows platforms

sap.ui.vbm is the Visual Business component in SAPUI5.


iOs is supported as of platform version 7.

Browser Supported
Safari Yes
Web View No
Google Chrome No
Opera No

Android is supported as of platform version 4.0

Browser Supported
Android Browser Yes
Google Chrome Yes
Web View No
Opera No
Opera mini No
Firefox No

On macOS, Safari browser is supported in version 5.1 or higher.

Windows Desktop
Browser Supported
Internet Explorer Version 9 or higher
Mozilla Firefox No
Google Chrome Latest version
Safari No
Opera No
Windows Tablet

For Windows Tablets only Internet Explorer is supported in the following versions:

Version Supported
10 Desktop Yes
11 Desktop Yes
10 Immersive Mode Yes
11 Immersive Mode Yes
Caution Windows Mobile is not supported.