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In the manifest.json file, you can control the table type that is rendered.

For the list report, the table that is rendered is controlled by the following parameters that can be set in the manifest.json file:
  • If gridTable is set to false in the application settings, the sap.m.Table (responsive table design) is chosen.

  • If gridTable is true, the sap.ui.table.Table (grid table) is rendered.

    Note sap.ui.table.Table is only recommended for desktops and tablets, and not for mobile devices.
Example from the app descriptor (manifest.json file):
"": {
			"pages": [{
				"entitySet": "Zfarvd_Bs_Hd_Bo",
				"component": {
					"name": "sap.suite.ui.generic.template.ListReport",
					"list": true,
					"settings": {
						"gridTable": false,  //==> sap.m table
						"hideTableVariantManagement": false
More Information

For a description of the available table types, see Smart Tables.

For information about setting up tables in the list report through annotations, see Tables and List Report Table.