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This sections describes which browsers and platforms are supported by the various SAPUI5 libraries.


The single source of truth about supported browsers and platforms is the Product Availability Matrix (PAM) that you can find at SAPUI5 is not a product of its own, so please check the PAM for the product you're using SAPUI5 with. For more information, see SAP Note 1716423 Information published on SAP site.

The following sections only contain additional information on restrictions and platform support information for specific SAPUI5 libraries in a summarized form.

As SAPUI5 is based on CSS3, HTML5, and the new JavaScript API, only browsers with HTML5 capabilities are supported.

Depending on the platform your SAPUI5 applications run on, different browsers in different versions are supported. If you know which platform and which browsers are used by your users, you can decide on which libraries to use for your application.


Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 (IE11) Enterprise Mode is not supported.