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Get information about what UI annotations to use to work with field groups for SAP Fiori UIs.

If you want to group fields under one heading to consolidate semantically connected information, you can use field groups. With field groups, you can build sections for forms, for example.

Figure 1: Example of field group
You can use the following UI annotation to group several fields:
  • @UI. fieldGroup

    This annotation is similar to the UI annotation @UI.lineItem because the different field groups have unique qualifiers.

    Sample Code
    define view ZExample_SalesOrder as select from sepm_cds_sales_order as so {
      @UI.fieldGroup: [ { qualifier: 'GeneralInformation', position: 10 } ]
      key so.sales_order_id as SalesOrder,
      @UI.fieldGroup: [ { qualifier: 'GeneralInformation', position: 20 } ]
      so.customer.company_name as CompanyName,
      @UI.fieldGroup: [ { qualifier: 'SalesData', position: 10 } ]
      so.currency_code as CurrencyCode, 
      @UI.fieldGroup: [ { qualifier: 'SalesData', position: 20 } ]
      so.gross_amount as GrossAmount,