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A SAPUI5 application view can only be created for a SAPUI5 application project that has been created with the SAPUI5 Application Wizard and not for other kinds of projects.


  • A SAPUI5 application view name needs to be unique inside the project folder.
  • The specified folder for a SAPUI5 application view needs to be WebContent/<application name> or a sub folder.


  1. Choose Start of the navigation path New Next navigation step Other... Next navigation step SAPUI5 Application Development Next navigation step View End of the navigation path to open the New SAPUI5 Application View wizard.
    SAPUI5 ApplTools Create View Wizard 1
  2. Fill in the required data:
    • Select the SAPUI5 application project, in which you want to create the view.
    • Select a folder, in which you want to store the view (default is WebContent/<application name>).
    • Enter a name for the view.
    • Select the development paradigm with which you want to develop your view.
    Create a New View Wizard


When you finish the wizard, the system creates the view in the specified folder. The file name suffix indicates the development paradigm:

  • <viewname>.view.js for JavaScript views
  • <viewname>.view.xml for XML views
  • <viewname>.view.json for JSON views
  • <viewname>.view.html for HTML views

If the corresponding index.html file contains sap.m lib in the bootstrap, that is, if the SAPUI5 application project has been created for a mobile target device, the view contains coding for instantiating a mobile page control  sap.m.Page.

The system also creates a controller file <viewname>.controller.js with draft coding.

For JavaScript views, code completion is available, see JavaScript Code Completion.

Note If you rename the view or controller file, or move them to a different folder, the coding in the view and controller and in the places where the view is used needs to be adapted manually.