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In this tutorial you learn how to work with smart controls.

Smart controls are a specific category of SAPUI5 controls that have some special features in addition to the standard SAPUI5 features and thus make it easier to use the control in certain scenarios.

A primary example of such a feature is OData support: Typically, a smart control interprets OData metadata. In some cases, a smart control even persists an adapted version of the user interface that the user has defined for later usage.

In this tutorial, you see examples that should make the term “smart” even more tangible.


You don't have to do all tutorial steps sequentially, you can also jump directly to any step you want. Just download the code from the previous step, copy it to your workspace and make sure that the application runs by calling the webapp/index.html file.

You can view and download the files for all steps in the Explored app in the Demo Kit under Smart Controls. Depending on your development environment you might have to adjust resource paths and configuration entries.