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Step 14: Make Dialogs BookmarkableLocate this document in the navigation structure

In this step, we want to allow bookmarking of the dialog box that is opened when the user clicks the Sort button. The dialog should automatically open when the URL contains the query parameter showDialog.

Figure 1: Bookmark for a dialog

You can view and download all files in the Explored app in the Demo Kit under Routing and Navigation - Step 14.

], function (BaseController, Filter, FilterOperator, Sorter) {
	"use strict";
	return BaseController.extend("sap.ui.demo.nav.controller.employee.overview.EmployeeOverviewContent", {
		onInit: function () {
		_onRouteMatched : function (oEvent) {
			// save the current query state
			this._oRouterArgs = oEvent.getParameter("arguments");
			this._oRouterArgs.query = this._oRouterArgs["?query"] || {};
			delete this._oRouterArgs["?query"];
			if (this._oRouterArgs.query) {
				// search/filter via URL hash
				// sorting via URL hash
				this._applySorter(this._oRouterArgs.query.sortField, this._oRouterArgs.query.sortDescending);
				// show dialog via URL hash
				if (!!this._oRouterArgs.query.showDialog) {;
					// make sure the dialog does not get closed automatically
		onSortButtonPressed : function (oEvent) {
			var oRouter = this.getRouter();
			this._oRouterArgs.query.showDialog = 1;

		_initViewSettingsDialog : function () {
			var oRouter = this.getRouter();
			this._oVSD = new sap.m.ViewSettingsDialog("vsd", {
				confirm: function (oEvent) {
					var oSortItem = oEvent.getParameter("sortItem");
					this._oRouterArgs.query.sortField = oSortItem.getKey();
					this._oRouterArgs.query.sortDescending = oEvent.getParameter("sortDescending");
					delete this._oRouterArgs.query.showDialog;
					oRouter.navTo("employeeOverview",this._oRouterArgs, true /*without history*/);
				cancel : function (oEvent){
					delete this._oRouterArgs.query.showDialog;
					oRouter.navTo("employeeOverview",this._oRouterArgs, true /*without history*/);

Once again we will update the EmployeeOverviewContent controller to add support for the bookmarking of our sorting dialog. We decide to choose a query parameter showDialog that controls if the dialog is opened directly when we navigate to the page with a deep link. Therefore, we extend the matched event handler for the employeeOverview route. If the query parameter showDialog is set to 1 (note the implicit conversion to a Boolean type for the check) we open the dialog. We only have to make sure that the dialog does not get closed again by the router as this behavior is the default when navigating. Therefore, we call oEvent.preventDefault() to tell the router that we want to keep the dialog open.

Next we change the press handler of the sort button. In the onSortButtonPressed function we set this._oRouterArgs.query.showDialog = 1 and call navTo() to let the router do the job instead of directly opening the dialog. Finally, we delete this._oRouterArgs.query.showDialog before calling navTo() in the confirm and cancel event handlers of the ViewSettingsDialog. This is important to make sure that the dialog does not open again by the matched handler.

We are now done with this step. Try to access the following pages:
  • webapp/index.html#/employees/overview?showDialog=1

  • webapp/index.html#/employees/overview?search=an&sortField=EmployeeID&sortDescending=true&showDialog=1

As you can see, the dialog opens automatically if the parameter showDialog=1 is added to the URL. That’s exactly what we wanted.