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To configure or enhance an APF-based application, you can use the APF Configuration Modeler app. When you export a configuration, a JSON file is created that contains all configuration objects, such as categories, steps, and representations. The following chapters explain the configuration on a technical level and show how the JSON files are structured and what the properties used in the configuration objects mean.

The following JSON files are relevant:

  • The manifest.json file, which defines static information about the application.


    In SAPUI5 1.28 and prior releases, the static information was defined in the application configuration file.

  • The analytical configuration file, which defines the content of the application and how it is represented on the user interface.


    We recommend not to edit the analytical configuration file manually. However, there are exceptions such as a mass change of OData service paths.

The configuration options include the following tasks:

  • Changing the analytical configuration file


    When you want to change the analytical configuration file of a delivered application, you must first make a copy and save it to a new location.

    Some possible changes to the analytical configuration file are:

    • You can change a request, which defines the access to a server resource.

    • You can change the relation between the requested data and the representations by adapting the binding.

    • You can add a category for the analysis step gallery.

    • You can add new analysis steps or adapt existing ones, for example, by replacing the request or the binding for a step.

  • Changing text resource files


    When you want to change a text resource file of a delivered application, you must first make a copy and save it to a new location.

  • Changing the manifest.json file

    Whenever you have changed the analytical configuration file or text resource files and have copied the files to a new location, you must ensure that the locations are adapted accordingly in the manifest.json file.

The configuration options are explained in detail in the following sections.