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Step 7: (Optional) Resource Bundles and Multiple LanguagesLocate this document in the navigation structure

The reason we have resource bundles is to allow an app to run in multiple languages without the need to change any code. To demonstrate this feature, we will create a German version of the app – in fact all we need to do is create a German version of the resource bundle file. No code changes are needed.

Figure 1: German version of our UI

You can view and download all files in the Explored app in the Demo Kit under Data Binding - Step 7.

webapp/i18n/ (New)
# Field labels

# Screen titles
panelHeaderText=Data Binding Grundlagen

In the i18n folder, take a copy of the file and call it Change the English text to the German text.

To test the outcome, change the default language of your browser to German and refresh your preview.