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Component IDs - Are They Unique and Valid?Locate this document in the navigation structure

Component IDs used in single repositories have to be unique and valid. Using the ABAP Test Cockpit (ATC), you can check if they are.

Unique means that the same component ID must not be contained in more than one single repository. Valid means that the component ID fulfills the following rules:

  • Consists only of alphanumeric characters
  • Contains only lowercase letters in all segments except the last segment; the last segment may contain camel case letters
  • Does not begin with a number
  • Does not contain special characters
  • Contains a dot (.) as a separator of the namespace
  • Is no longer than 70 characters; each individual segment is no longer than 40 characters (separated by a dot)

To check whether a component ID is unique and valid, you can use the ATC check UI5 Component Consistency Check (UI5_COMP). To check a component manually, select it in ABAP Workbench (transaction SE80) and choose Start of the navigation path Check Next navigation step ABAB Test Cockpit with… End of the navigation path from the context menu. Choose the Checks tab and under Functionality select UI5 Component Consistency Check. Choose Execute Checks (F8).


We recommend that your administrator defines the UI5_COMP check as a default check for all transports to the SAPUI5 ABAP repository.

The UI5_COMP check also indicates any errors that occurred when the manifest.json file was parsed.