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Step 13: Make Table Sorting BookmarkableLocate this document in the navigation structure

In this step, we will create a button at the top of the table which will change the sorting of the table. When the current sorting state of the table is changed, the sorting state will be reflected in the URL. This illustrates how to make the table sorting bookmarkable.

Figure 1: Bookmarkable search and sorting

You can view and download all files in the Explored app in the Demo Kit under Routing and Navigation - Step 13.

], function (BaseController, Filter, FilterOperator, Sorter) {
	"use strict";
	return BaseController.extend("sap.ui.demo.nav.controller.employee.overview.EmployeeOverviewContent", {
		onInit: function () {
		_onRouteMatched : function (oEvent) {
			// save the current query state
			this._oRouterArgs = oEvent.getParameter("arguments");
			this._oRouterArgs.query = this._oRouterArgs["?query"] || {};
			delete this._oRouterArgs["?query"];
			if (this._oRouterArgs.query) {
				// search/filter via URL hash
				// sorting via URL hash
				this._applySorter(this._oRouterArgs.query.sortField, this._oRouterArgs.query.sortDescending);
		_initViewSettingsDialog : function () {
			var oRouter = this.getRouter();
			this._oVSD = new sap.m.ViewSettingsDialog("vsd", {
				confirm: function (oEvent) {
					var oSortItem = oEvent.getParameter("sortItem");
					this._oRouterArgs.query.sortField = oSortItem.getKey();
					this._oRouterArgs.query.sortDescending = oEvent.getParameter("sortDescending");
					oRouter.navTo("employeeOverview",this._oRouterArgs, true /*without history*/);

We enhance the EmployeeOverviewContent controller further to add support for bookmarking the table’s sorting options. We expect two query parameters sortField and sortDescending from the URL for configuring the sorting of the table. In the matched handler of the route employeeOverview we add an additional call to this._applySorter(this._oRouterArgs.query.sortField, this._oRouterArgs.query.sortDescending). This triggers the sorting action based on the two query parameters sortField and sortDescending from the URL.

Next we change the confirm event handlers of our ViewSettingsDialog. The confirm handler updates the current router arguments with the parameters from the event accordingly. Then we call oRouter.navTo("employeeOverview",this._oRouterArgs, true) with the updated router arguments to persist the new sorting parameters in the URL. Both the previous arguments (i.e. search) and the new arguments for the sorting will then be handled by the matched event handler for the employeeOverview route.

Congratulations! Even the sorting options of the table can now be bookmarked. Try to access the following pages:
  • webapp/index.html#/employees/overview?sortField=EmployeeID&sortDescending=true

  • webapp/index.html#/employees/overview?search=an&sortField=EmployeeID&sortDescending=true

When changing the table’s sorting options, you will see that the hash updates accordingly.