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Business Object Processing Framework (BOPF) Object-oriented framework that provides a set of generic services and functionalities to speed up, standardize, and modularize ABAP development
Core Data Services (CDS) Infrastructure for defining and consuming semantically rich data models in SAP HANA
Data Provider Class (DPC) Model for data access in order to provide all application data about the service at runtime
Data Dictionary (DDIC) Persistent storage for data types that are visible in all repository objects
DPC_EXT Class Data Provider Extension Class that inherits from the DPC class in order to implement additional enhancements
Enterprise Procurement Model (EPM) Demo/proxy application that integrates many SAP NetWeaver technologies used by Business Suite applications
GET_ENTITY Methods that provide single instances
GET_ENTITYSET Methods that provide a collection of entity sets
Metadata Provider Class (MPC) Set of interfaces that you can use to build a meta model of a service at runtime
MPC_EXT Class Metadata Provider Extension Class that inherits from the MPC class in order to implement additional enhancements
SADL Model
  • Entities that are used in business applications – for example, business objects, database tables, search views.
  • Business model metadata interface that provides harmonized metadata consumption of existing and new business models. The interface is implemented productively for BOPF and DDIC tables and views.
SADL Model Type (or Source) Specific repository or provider for SADL model metadata – for example, Business Object Processing Framework, Data Dictionary, Core Data Services
SADL Engine Code that performs query execution, including view-building based on SADL models