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SAPUI5 uses ESLint to check JavaScript sources.

The following tables show the ESLint rules that should be enabled for the SAPUI5 projects.

Rule Sets
Table 1: Possible Errors
Rule ESLint default Core Comment
no-cond-assign error error  
no-console error error  
no-constant-condition error error  
no-comma-dangle error error/warning can be set to warning if lib only supports IE9
no-control-regex error error  
no-debugger error error  
no-dupe-keys error error  
no-empty error error  
no-empty-class error error  
no-ex-assign error error  
no-extra-boolean-cast error warning  
no-extra-parens off off  
no-extra-semi error error  
no-func-assign error error  
no-inner-declarations error error  
no-invalid-regexp error error  
no-negated-in-lhs error error  
no-obj-calls error error  
no-regex-spaces error error  
no-sparse-arrays error error  
no-unreachable error error  
use-isnan error error  
valid-jsdoc off warning requireReturn = false
valid-typeof error error  
Table 2: Best Practices
Rule ESLint default Core Comment
block-scoped-var off error currently only warning because of wrong behaviour in switch statement
complexity off off  
consistent-return error warning  
curly error error  
default-case off warning  
dot-notation error off  
eqeqeq error warning smart
guard-for-in off error  
no-alert error error  
no-caller error error  
no-div-regex off error  
no-else-return off off  
no-empty-label error error  
no-eq-null off off  
no-eval error error  
no-extend-native error error  
no-fallthrough error error  
no-floating-decimal off error  
no-implied-eval error error  
no-labels error error  
no-iterator error error  
no-lone-blocks error error  
no-loop-func error error  
no-multi-str error error  
no-native-reassign error error  
no-new error error  
no-new-func error error  
no-new-wrappers error warning  
no-octal error error  
no-octal-escape error error  
no-proto error error  
no-redeclare error warning  
no-return-assign error error  
no-script-url error error  
no-self-compare off error  
no-sequences error error  
no-unused-expressions error warning  
no-warning-comments off warning  
no-with error error  
radix off error  
wrap-life off error any
yoda error error  
Table 3: Strict Mode
Rule ESLint defaul Core
global-strict off error
no-extra-strict error error
strict error warning
Table 4: Variables
Rule ESLint default Core Comment
no-catch-shadow error error  
no-delete-var error error  
no-label-var error error  
no-shadow error error  
no-shadow-restricted-names error error  
no-undef error error  
no-undefined off off  
no-undef-init error error  
no-unused-vars error error vars = all, args = none
no-use-before-define error warning  
Table 5: Node.js
Rule ESLint default Core
handle-callback-err off off
no-mixed-requires off off
no-new-require off off
no-path-concat off off
no-process-exit off off
no-restricted-modules off off
no-sync off off
Table 6: Stylistic
Rule ESLint default Core Comment
brace-style off error singleLine = false
camelcase error warning  
consistent-this off error that
eol-last error off  
func-names off off  
func-style off off  
new-cap error warning  
new-parens error error  
no-nested-ternary off error  
no-array-constructor error error  
no-lonely-if off error  
no-new-object error error  
no-spaced-func error error  
no-space-before-semi error error  
no-ternary off off  
no-trailing-spaces error off error, but too many places to change
no-underscore-dangle error off  
no-wrap-func error error  
no-mixed-spaces-and-tabs error error smart
quotes off off  
quote-props off off  
semi error error  
sort-vars off off  
space-after-keywords off error always
space-in-brackets off off  
space-infix-ops error error  
space-return-throw-case error error  
space-unary-word-ops off error  
max-nested-callbacks off warning 3
one-var off off  
wrap-regex off off  
Table 7: Legacy
Rule ESLint default SAPUI5 Core
max-depth off off
max-len off off
max-params off off
max-statements off off
no-bitwise off off
no-plus off off

For more information about the rules, see the rules documentation provided on http://eslint.orgInformation published on non-SAP site.