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Several new or changed features are available for Analysis Path Framework (APF).

Importing Content from Vendor Layer of Layered Repository (New)

In SAP S/4HANA the content of a shipped APF-based application resides in the VENDOR layer of the layered repository of the SAPUI5 flexibility services. The APF Configuration Modeler now offers the option to import delivered content directly from the VENDOR layer, so you no longer have to copy the files from a BSP application. The content is then written into the CUSTOMER layer and can be edited and run from there.

For more information, see Import.

Value Help for Services (New)

When you specify a service in the APF Configuration Modeler, for instance, for the data request of an analysis step, you can now select the desired service from a value help. This value help is provided by a catalog service that lists all services available on SAP Gateway. Therefore, you can use the value help for ABAP CDS views and BW OData queries. If you use calculation views that are exposed on SAP HANA extended application services (SAP HANA XS), you can still enter the service manually.

Configuring the Value Help for Filters (Changed)

You can now manually enter a list of values for the value help of a filter. This is useful if you don’t have a service available that produces the desired values.

For more information, see Individually Configured Filters.

Displaying Keys and Texts in Charts (Changed)

For the dimensions that are used for the axes or legend of a chart, you can define whether the key property or the text property is displayed, or both.

For more information, see Creating Representations.

Configuration Preview (New)

To get a preview of how your configuration looks at runtime, you can now execute it directly from the footer of the APF Configuration Modeler using the Execute button.

For more information, see Executing a Configuration.

Table Representation (Changed)

In APF-based applications, it is now possible to make selections in table representations. As in all other chart types, the selections filter the data of all subsequent steps and they are also added to the context that is handed over when navigating to a different application. Depending on the selectable property, when you select an entry in the table, all entries in the table with the same property are automatically selected, too.

Predefined Representation Types (Changed)

A line chart with time axis has been added to the predefined representation types shipped with APF.

For more information, see Predefined Representation Types.