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Testing the Action in the BOPF Test Shell Locate this document in the navigation structure

Using the BOPF test environment, you can test not only the CRUD of business object instances, but also execute the action (which you implemented and activated in the previous step) to check whether it runs correctly.


  1. Launch the BOPF Test Environment in ABAP Development Tools
  2. Test the Action
    1. To test the action that you implemented in the previous step, create a node for the business object in the editor pane.
    2. Then choose Execute Action from the toolbar and click the proposed action SET_TO_PAID.
    Testing action SET_TO_PAID in the BOPF test shell
    Figure 1: Testing action SET_TO_PAID in the BOPF test shell
    As a result of action execution, the attributes billing_status and overall_status display the new value P (PAID).
    Results of action execution
    Figure 2: Results of action execution


With only a few clicks, you have verified that the action works fine and you can now save the changes you have made or discard them. To finish a test session, close the test environment.