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Running an App in the Application PreviewLocate this document in the navigation structure

You access the application preview using the Web App Preview, provided with the embedded Jetty server. You can quickly check on your application and open it in the default browser.


  1. To test the new application with the application preview in an embedded Jetty server, right-click the HTML file or the project node and choose Start of the navigation path Run As Next navigation step Web App Preview End of the navigation path. Everything is configured automatically.
  2. To refresh after having changed a file of your application, choose Refresh on the left hand side of the preview editor to refresh the preview.
  3. To check the files of your application project in an external browser, choose Open in external browser on the right hand side of the preview editor. This function opens the external browser which is specified in the Eclipse preferences under Start of the navigation path General Next navigation step Web Browser End of the navigation path. This is usually the default browser of your PC. For other external browsers, you can also copy the URL from the text field of the editor to the external browser.
    Depending on the libraries you use, different browsers are supported. For more information, see: Browser and Platform Support

    Open in External Browser

    SAPUI5 ApplTools Testing Preview

    Before deploying a application that has been created by using the Eclipse application development tool on a Java server, ensure to adapt the web.xml file in the <WebContent folder name>/WEB-INF folder of the application by removing the mapping to the test resources. Test resources should only be used during testing. Remove or comment the following lines: