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Defining Dialogs as FragmentsLocate this document in the navigation structure

You can use fragments for the definition of dialogs.


To use fragments for defining popups, just let the root control of the fragment be a dialog or similar control.

The following shows an XML fragment dialog example:

<Dialog xmlns="sap.ui.commons" title="XML Fragment Dialog">
    <TextView text="{/dialogText}" />
        <Button text="Close" press="closeDialog"/>

Other fragment types are used the same way to define, for instance, a dialog as fragment.

For example, in JS fragments, the createContent() method returns a dialog control:

sap.ui.jsfragment("testdata.fragments.JSFragmentDialog", {
    createContent: function(oController) {
        var oDialog = new sap.ui.commons.Dialog({title: "JavaScript Fragment Dialog"});
        var oText = new sap.ui.commons.TextView({text: "{/dialogText}"});
        var oButton = new sap.ui.commons.Button({
            text: "Close",
            press: function(){oDialog .close();}

        return oDialog;