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Protecting Resources on the Front End ClientLocate this document in the navigation structure

In the BW modeling tools, a BW project represents a user-specific view of the BW metadata objects of the back end systems.

Like all projects in Eclipse, BW projects also have a local representation of their data on the front end and are managed in a workspace. If you have a BW project, there will therefore be local copies of the BW metadata objects on the front end. This means that it is possible to access metadata located outside of the SAP repository at local file system level.


The BW metadata objects can be found by third parties.

Security Measures

To protect local project resources, we recommend creating workspace folders to store project resources locally, in order to prevent third parties from accessing the resources. Use security measures that are already offered at operating system level.

Note Files stored under Windows in the personal substructure of a user can only be accessed by that user or by local administrators.

We especially recommend using the default workspace that was created when the integrated development environment (IDE) was installed.