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Get an overview of how to use data points to display criticality, trends, and references to people and time periods on SAP Fiori UIs.

In some cases, you want to visualize a single point of data that typically is a number that can be enriched with business-relevant data but may also be textual, for example a status value.

Figure 1: Example of data points
You can use the following UI annotation to define a single point of data:
  • @UI.dataPoint

    You can, for example, express if a high or a low value is desired, or if a value is increasing or decreasing. The simplest variant of the UI annotation @UI.dataPoint consists of the title property.

    Figure 2: Example of simple variant of data point
    In the following example, only the title is exposed to the UI.
    Sample Code
    define view ZExample_SalesOrdersByCustomer as select from ... as so {  
      key so.buyer_guid as BuyerGuid,
      @Semantics.currencyCode: true
      so.currency_code as CurrencyCode, 
      @UI.dataPoint: { title: 'Gross Amount' }
      @Semantics.amount.currencyCode: 'CurrencyCode'
      so.actual_amount as ActualAmount