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You can create an InfoObject that can be used either in InfoProviders or as an InfoProvider in its own right.


InfoObjects are displayed in the BW Modeling Tools in the InfoProvider tree or under the specified InfoArea in the Characteristic, Key Figure, Time Characteristic, Unit and XXL InfoObject folders.


InfoObjects were previously structured using InfoObject catalogs. All InfoObjects created using the BW Modeling Tools are assigned to InfoAreas directly. There is no assignment to InfoObject catalogs.

If you also want to structure your existing InfoObjects via InfoAreas instead of via InfoObject catalogs, you can migrate these InfoObjects using report RSDG_IOBJ_IOBC_MIGRATE_TO_AREA. Migration renders the InfoObject catalogs obsolete, and they are then no longer displayed in the Data Warehousing Workbench.


  1. You are in the BW Modeling tools. In the context menu for your BW project, choose Start of the navigation path New Next navigation step InfoObject End of the navigation path. You will now be guided through the creation process by a wizard.
  2. Select an InfoArea. To ensure that you can find your InfoObject again without difficulty, we recommend setting the Add to Favorites flag.
  3. Enter a technical name and a description. The technical name can be between three and nine characters in length.
  4. By choosing Copy from..., you can select an object template. This allows you to copy over the properties of this object to your new InfoObject and to edit them as required.
  5. You can reference an InfoObject. This gives the new InfoObject the technical properties of the reference object. You can only edit these properties in the reference InfoObject however.
  6. You can choose from the following InfoObject types: Characteristic, key figure, unit and XXL InfoObject. Depending on the type you choose, the data type selection will choose as well. The InfoObject type cannot be changed subsequently. The data types DATS and TIMS cannot be changed subsequently either.

    If you use referenced characteristics, the data type is copied over. If you use referenced key figures, the key figure type is taken over.

  7. When you have finished making your settings, choose Finish. The editor appears.
  8. Now proceed according to the description for your InfoObject type.