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You can make settings for the query properties of an InfoProvider participating in a query.

The following query properties are offered:
  • Query Cache Mode: The cache mode defines whether and how the query results and navigational states calculated by the OLAP processor should be saved as highly compressed data in a cache.
  • Cache Usage Mode: The cache usage mode is an expert tool for the cache mode. It defines when cache entries can be used to answer a query, and when the data has to be read again.
  • Data Integrity: You can choose which request status the data in an InfoProvider should be read with.
  • Near-Line Storage Read Mode: You can read the data saved in a near-line storage when executing a query.
These settings are only available for InfoCubes and DataStore objects (advanced). The following restrictions also apply:
  • For an InfoCube as left join partner, the query properties are not available.
  • For InfoCubes and DataStore objects (advanced) as right join partner, only the Near-Line Storage Read Mode query property is available.
  • For time-dependent joins, only the Data Integrity query property is available.