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You can define keys for the DataStore object.


While you are defining the keys, the system only shows you fields and InfoObjects that are suitable for use as keys. The following fields/InfoObjects are therefore not displayed during when you define the keys:
  • Fields of data type SSTR (short string), STRG (string) and RSTR (raw string)
  • Only fields with undefined aggregation behaviour or aggregation behaviour None
  • Key Figures


  1. You are on the Details tab. To define the keys, choose Keys .... A dialog box appears.
  2. Select the relevant InfoObjects and choose Add to Keys. The keys that you have just created are flagged with a grey key symbol.
  3. You can move the InfoObjects in the list using the Up and Down buttons or by dragging them with your cursor.
  4. Once you have finished defining your keys, press OK. The keys are then displayed on the General tab page.