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Components of the Open ODS View DefinitionLocate this document in the navigation structure

An Open ODS view is defined by specifying the following components:

  • Facts
  • Master Data
  • Texts
Source Type

The Open ODS view supports various types of data sources (also known as source types):

  • BW DataSource for direct access

  • DataStore Object (Advanced)

  • Database table or view

  • Virtual table using HANA Smart Data Access

  • Transformation

The source type is the implementation of the interface of the source object. The source type provides static methods for input help and instantiation.

Source Object

The table or table-shaped object, which the Open ODS view is based on, is known as a source object. A source object instance provides a flat list of fields - with data types and texts - and the access methods for the data. The Open ODS view is a view on the source object. It does not contain any data persistence.

Analytic Metadata (Field Properties)

Analytic metadata is added to the fields of the Open ODS view. For each field, you can specify whether it should be interpreted as a characteristic or as a key figure. Other examples of analytic metadata include the aggregation behavior for key figures, or associations and authorization relevance for characteristics or the InfoObject name of an Open ODS view field. This name is used for the Open ODS view field used across the system, for example in the InfoProvider display of the Open ODS view or in a query on the Open ODS view.