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Searching for and Opening Objects with the Open BW Object Dialog BoxLocate this document in the navigation structure

Using the Open BW Object dialog box, you can search for a BW metadata object by name and by description, and then open the editor (Eclipse or SAP GUI) of the selected object.


  1. In the Project Explorer view, select the required BW project.
  2. Log on to the connected BW system (not required for SSO).
  3. In the main menu, choose Start of the navigation path Navigate Next navigation step Open BW Object End of the navigation path or the Open BW Object pushbutton in the toolbar of the BW Modeling perspective.
    Note If you have not selected a project before, the Open BW Object dialog box will suggest the first BW project listed in Project Explorer.
    Tip In the Open BW Object dialog box, you can also select another project or create a new one.
  4. Enter a search string.

    The system searches for BW metadata objects in the selected BW project. It searches for objects where the search term occurs in or matches the prefix of the technical name or the description.

    The search is not case sensitive. You can run the following wildcard searches:

    • ? - any character
    • * - any string (including the string length 0)

    The search results are listed in the dialog box under Matching Items. They are sorted according to object type and description in ascending order.

    • There is a maximum number of matching items in the dialog box. The default value is 200. You can customize this value in the BW modeling tools settings.
    • Under Matching Items, you can only see BW metadata objects that you have at least display authorization for.
  5. In the search results, select the object that you want to open.
  6. Choose OK.


The editor of the selected BW metadata objects opens. There are native Eclipse-based editors (for example, for Open ODS views) and non-native SAP GUI editors, which are called in-place.